If you choose to engage Stanhouse-FPM to manage your money client assets are held at third party custodians.  Scottrade Advisor Services is one of several custodians which we may recommend. Scottrade has been in business for over 30 years and has more than 500 local branch offices across the country.

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Money Guide Pro ™ (MGP)  is a financial planning software tool created by PIEtech a leader in financial planning “Smartware”  The purpose of MGP is to help advisors create plans that make it clear and easy to explain choices to clients. Clients make better financial decisions when those decisions are made within the context of a well-crafted financial plan. This software incorporates goal setting and  3 types of plan success analysis including: average returns, bad timing, and Monte Carlo simulation to give high degree of confidence to the recommendations.



Morningstar Advisor Workstation software is used for investment research. Morningstar is a leader in providing investment data to financial professionals.