Financial planning is a process.  It’s not a one-time event that is completed and then never reviewed again.  It’s important to clarifying goals, educating you on your financial situation and the options available to you, and putting you in charge of your money.  We believe that the process is as important as the financial planning document created.

Our process is flexible based on each individual or family’s needs and desires.  Following is an outline of a typical comprehensive planning engagement.  However, we will discuss the best process for you in your get-acquainted meeting.

1. Initial Inquiry/Community Outreach

SFPM: We provide a brief description of our services, philosophies, methodology, and fee structure. We’ll direct you to our website or mail you an introductory packet to help you learn more.

You: If our services appear to fit your needs, you will schedule a Free Get Acquainted Meeting

2. FREE Get Acquainted Meeting

SFPM: We meet with you free of charge. It’s an opportunity to exchange information about your needs and objectives, to further discuss which of our services are right for you, and to provide you an estimate of the cost of our services. Remember, we do not accept commissions, and instead charge for our services based on the amount of time required to provide the service.

You: You will submit the Confidential Questionnaire 1 business day prior to the get acquainted meeting.  This allows us to familiarize ourselves with your situation prior to your arrival.  If you choose to use our services, we will provide a list of additional information that we will need to begin formulating your personal financial plan.

3. Data Gathering and Initial Preparation

SFPM: After receiving your information, we will begin to review and develop your custom financial plan. We will prepare initial reports that we will discuss with you at your next meeting.

You will need to gather the requested data and then possibly complete an online risk tolerance assessment and/or Cash Flow Questionnaire provided. This information will need to be provided before your next meeting.

4. Interactive Goal Setting

SFPM: We work with you to further discuss and clarify the information you have provided thus far, and to refine your financial goals and objectives.  We will frequently show you preliminary projections and discuss various what-if scenarios.

You: This is another opportunity for you to clarify your current situation, financial goals and objectives, and to discuss with us any additional questions and concerns.

5. Analysis and Plan Formulation

SFPM: We refine the information you have provided and study various plan scenarios. We conclude our research and analysis, and produce the final reports that include observations, assumptions, specific recommendations, and an action plan for your unique situation.

The ball is in our court. All you have to do at this point is await your next meeting with us

6. Presentation of Your Financial Plan

SFPM: We review your personal financial plan and our specific recommendations.

You: Congratulations! You now hold your personal blueprint for financial success designed with your financial goals in mind. You are empowered with specific recommendations to implement your financial plan. If you wish, you may employ us to provide full service implementation through our investment management program, or you may implement the plan through the discount broker of your choice. In either case, we’re available to answer questions on your plan at no additional charge for up to a year.

7. Financial Checkups

SFPM: Periodic update meetings and reviews are essential to maintain good fiscal health. We can schedule these periodic meetings with you at whatever frequency you think appropriate.

You: Financial planning is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. Proper implementation of a financial plan and periodic professional reviews are crucial to reaching your financial goals. We encourage prompt attention because it’s all about achieving your goals and dreams.