Some examples where Stanhouse-FPM can help you:

  • You have had a specific financial event take place (retirement distribution, inheritance, or gift) or have an upcoming financial decision and you want “peace of mind” that you are doing the right thing.

  • You want “peace of mind” that you have a viable retirement plan, and that you are doing the most appropriate actions to maximize your chances of success.

  • You have always managed your own investments, maybe with the help of your stockbroker, but with the recent economic events you have felt uncomfortable, and thought it would give you “peace of mind” if you could review your strategy with a knowledgeable objective advisor.

  • You already have a accumulated a substantial amount of assets, but because you are focused on other interests or your career, you don’t have the time and desire to  focus on your financial affairs.

  • You don’t know how your investment portfolio’s target asset allocation is or how it has performed compared to the applicable benchmarks.

  • You are considering purchasing a financial product from someone, and want an objective opinion.