We believe there are two fundamental aspects to investing, the emotional/ behavioral aspect and the investing methodology aspect.

Behavioral finance is a huge topic and a significant factor both on the individual investors level and in the market as a whole. We try to be an analytical, calm and compassionate partner to our clients as we navigate the market ups and downs.

On the investing methodology side, we believe in the following fundamental principles when it comes to designing an investment portfolio and making specific recommendations:

  • The design of the portfolio must take into account the client’s financial objectives, tolerance for risk, needs for current income or liquidity, and special considerations such as income and estate taxes.
  • The important thing to remember is that no one can predict the future.  Difference of opinion makes a market.  Investment and economic “experts” provided with the same information often come to different conclusions.  We do not suggest that we, or that any of the money or mutual fund managers that we may recommend, will make the correct decision every time.  We do believe, however, that studying the historic trends and relationships of investment classes and the philosophies and approaches of successful investment managers can provide valuable insight.
  • The appropriate allocation of investment assets for your goals and risk tolerance is the most important component in developing an investment portfolio.
  • We believe that a diversified, well-balanced portfolio, combined with long-term buy-and-hold strategies, affordability and patience, increases the likelihood that one will achieve his or her long-term financial objectives.
  • In the Equity asset class, we believe that mutual funds, index funds and Exchange traded funds are the most appropriate vehicles for the typical investor. All  others things being equal, we believe a fund with less overhead(expense) will perform better over time than a fund with high overhead.   We generally do not recommend individual stocks.  
  • As fiduciaries for our clients, we strive to obtain the most appropriate investment vehicles to meet a client’s objectives, while being very conscious of total expenses and risk exposure.