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Stanhouse Financial Planning is an independent fee-only financial planning and investment advisory serving the metro Atlanta area of Georgia. We specialize in providing professional planning and advice to individuals and families of all financial means. We impose no minimum net worth, income or investable asset standards. There are 3 ways we work with clients: One-time projects, ongoing advice(retainer), and on-going asset management. In most cases we get started with a one-time project. Financial planning fees for one-time projects are determined by the amount of time spent meeting with you in person or over the phone, researching and analyzing your current situation, developing and presenting customized recommendations, and, if needed, assistance implementing your plan. An estimate of time for your project, as well as a maximum cap based on the scope of service you choose, is provided in writing during the complimentary Get-Acquainted meeting.

We offer a wide variety of services to meet the financial objectives of individuals and businesses. The firm works closely with clients to determine their needs and then recommends suitable strategies and actions.

Financial Planning

We combine thorough financial planning with customized investing to help you identify and achieve your most important life goals.

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Investment Management

We recognize that no client's financial life is one-dimensional. Using our deep expertise in investing, tax management, risk mitigation and other areas, we coordinate all the elements of your financial life in order to help you reach your bottom-line goals and achieve peace of mind.

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Our Process

Financial planning is a process. It’s not a one-time event that is completed and then never reviewed again. It’s important to clarifying goals, educating you on your financial situation and the options available to you, and putting you in charge of your money. We believe that the process is as important as the financial planning document created.

Our process is flexible based on each individual or family’s needs and desires. Following is an outline of a typical comprehensive planning engagement. However, we will discuss the best process for you in your Get-Acquainted meeting.


Our client relationships begin with gathering your information and determining your goals and expectations. We make sure that we’re crystal clear about what you want to achieve before providing any advice.


Using our knowledge, experience and tools, we analyze your material and unique situation.


Having thoroughly analyzed your situation, your goals, your timeframe, your risk tolerance and other factors, our team develops clear, straightforward recommendations.


Implementing recommendations will be done per your service agreement either by you or us.

What to expect to get started

Steps to get started – contact us and let us know you would like to set up a call.

Sequence of steps for a one-time project

  • Client reviews website and makes Initial contact (by website, email or phone)
  • 15 minute call to be verify our services might be a potential fit for your needs and to schedule next step.
  • Client completes online questionnaire
  • We have a Get-Acquainted meeting (Typically about 45 minutes - there is no pressure to decide to move forward at this meeting)
  • If client wishes to move forward StanhouseFP requests and receives needed documents from client and analyzes.
  • Interim discussion/meetings as part of the analysis
  • StanhouseFP finalizes analysis and produces report
  • We meet to review report and recommendations
  • Client has 30 days to follow-up with StanhouseFP for questions, clarification, or adjustments

Our Fees

Stanhouse Financial Planning & Management is a fee-only financial planning firm, which means that we accept no commissions, referral fees, or other third-party incentives based on any products we recommend to you. We make every effort to be transparent and up-front about the costs of financial planning and investment advisement.

We work with clients in one of three ways:

A) Ongoing Investment Management (Asset based)

For those clients who prefer to have StanhouseFP implement and monitor their investment plan, we provide for ongoing management of your investment portfolio, including periodic rebalancing. Note this does not include any ongoing financial planning.

  • A financial plan, or investment analysis is a pre-requisite
  • Annual Fee based on a percentage of assets managed by Stanhouse-FPM (billed quarterly)

$1 - $249,999                         1.00%  (minimum quarterly fee is $500)
$250,000 - $499,999             0.95%
$500,000 - $749,999             0.85%
$750,000 - $999,999             0.75%
$1,000,000 - $1,999,999       0.65%
$2,000,000 +                           0.60%

B) Ongoing advisement (Retainer)

For those clients who want ongoing support, availability throughout the year and periodic reviews/updates, but do not need ongoing asset management.

Fee is determined based on anticipated time needed, client complexity, and asset size. (Minimum: $2,500 – couple, $1,200 – single)

C) Initial one-time projects (Flat-fee, typically between $1,200 - $3,500 based on an hourly project rate of $250/hour and scope and complexity)

At our first Get-Acquainted meeting (which is always free) we will provide a project quote to you for desired services. It becomes a flat fee and you won’t be charged any incremental hourly fees as long as we stay within the original scope of the project.

Below are some examples of different types of advisory projects and typical hours associated with them. A project can be as comprehensive as a full financial plan or as specific as a particular task.

Full (Comprehensive) Financial Plan (8– 15 hours)

A full Financial plan consists of a formal and detailed written analysis of your financial situation. We consider it to be the best way to protect against unforeseen financial consequences and maximize your financial opportunities. Clients often think that they have everything well covered, but may have significant inefficiencies or have missed some issues entirely.

The ingredients of a full Financial Plan are unique to each client but may consist of cash flow/net worth planning, retirement savings plans, education saving plans, detailed investment plans, overview of insurance, and estate planning issues. A flat-fee quote will be provided in the get-acquainted meeting.

Investment Analysis (2-10 hours)

Even though investing is just part of the overall financial picture, it’s what most people think of when they consider financial planning. The hours estimate varies based on your number of current accounts, complexity of holdings, and desired complexity going forward. Again, a firm flat-fee quote will be provided in the get-acquainted meeting.

  • The investment analysis will take a detailed look at your portfolio and will include specific analysis and recommendations.
  • Your analysis will be designed for you to implement on your own through a discount broker of your choice, or for StanhouseFP to manage as part of an ongoing Investment Management program.

401(k), 403(b) investment choices (2-3 hours)

Provide advice on the appropriate selections within your retirement investment plans

The above fee information is for general reference and discussion purposes only. A signed and dated Advisory Agreement is the only official source of fee quotes and the only binding offer for service recognized by Stanhouse Financial Planning and Management, LLC. Actual fee estimates may differ due to specific client information.

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